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The Story Of Autism & Special Needs Furniture

Disabled at 16 in an auto accident, and left paralyzed on the left side of my body, I needed special comfort and support other furniture just couldn’t offer. While attending the University of Oregon I decided to design a new type of chair, one which employed specially cut foam to create this type of support and relief. As time went on more and more people saw my first chair and wanted one of their own, which lead to the creation of Robb’s Pillow Furniture in 1973.

As the business developed, demand for new and different types of pillow furniture grew. This in turn lead to the birth of a wide variety of pillow furniture; everything from pillow chairs, to “raindrop” chairs, to pillow beds, massage sets, pet beds, and more.

What sets our furniture apart from other designers is the unique engineering that goes into the support system in our furniture. The process begins by applying a one of a kind cutting method for the polyurethane foam that acts as the backbone for our furniture. This patented process cuts the foam into specific multi-sided dimensions, creating air spaces around the pieces that gives a loft of comfort as well as a “zero pressure point” feel. We don't add any additional chemicals to any of our products, and the foam is out-gassed during the cutting process, so our furniture works well for chemically sensitive individuals. Our furniture is then covered in only the highest grade synthetic fabrics to ensure durability for years of use. Our furniture will never go flat because fluffing enriches and returns it to its original shape even after years of usage. Our furniture can even be customized for firmness and support to satisfy any special needs!

Needless to say my customers have been a great inspiration. Over the years numerous people with special needs, everything from autism, Asperger's syndrome, fibromyalgia, lupus, and many other physical disabilities, have benefited from my unique brand of furniture, and offered great advice on how to improve our products to suit their own special needs. As more and more customers with special needs purchased our products, it was clear that there was a great demand for my unique brand of furniture tailored to the special needs community. It is with this idea in mind that Austism & Special Needs Furniture was born!

Feel free to contact us with any special orders- No Order Is To Large!

We at Autism & Special Needs Furniture appreciate your interest in our furniture and accessories and would like to welcome you to a new level of comfort!

Thank You,
Robb Bokich

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Customer Testomonials

Re: The Hug Chair

This teardrop chair is a soft and lovely squeeze machine, but without the machinery. It somehow finds my most effective center of gravity, allowing me to feign a ladylike stillness as it envelopes and supports me. A must, especially if you happen to be autistic!

Mary-Minn Sirag
Autist (diagnosed in 1957) and President of KindTree Productions
for Robb’s Hug Chair



Hi, my name is Delores and I have a son that is autistic. He's now 14 yrs old. About 7 yrs ago I bought a regular twin bed for my son. Well, that didn't last long. He had the bed tore apart within a couple weeks. He not only damaged the walls by picking it up and moved it around, but it was a waste of $150. At that point I thought about Rob's Pillows and decided to have a special pillow made for my son. Robb's designed me a 4x6 pillow that has been the best thing I ever bought. Carlos not only sleeps on the pillow, but he can play with it and not hurt anything. Thanks for Robb's Pillows and the durability of them that make them great.

A very happy customer,

Rob and others~

Thank you so much for our Hug Chair. We use it a lot and even take it with us to friends and family's houses! It is the ONLY sitting device that we can safely use for Emily due to her conditions. She loves it and so do we. We can even scoot her over and just lay down beside her if the pillow is in the flat position. Thank you so much for the pillow you made. I hope that you enjoy the pictures. Emily was born 14 weeks premature and had a severe brain hemorrhage when she was three days old. She has severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy (no head, trunk, arm or leg control, is blind, tube-fed (homemade food) and has seizures, etc. You can tell from the pictures that she can definitely hear as I made some funny noises for her to respond to with her big grins! She is so delayed that besides hearing, kicking and smiling are the only other purposeful movements that she does... The pictures capture all three at once because when she thinks a noise is funny or she is happy, she kicks. The motion of her kicking gives the chair a little bounce- feedback that she loves and so she continues to do it as long as she pleases! We all think this is wonderful and are grateful to you and your family for the idea and the chair itself. We love it.



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